The Vision

by Blay Vision

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Niccolo Brown BLAY VISION - The Vision
The rate at which certain crews of producers (Boxed and Gobstopper being prime examples) are experimenting with every aspect of instrumental grime appears to be increasing exponentially. This week alone I've heard EPs by Odeko and Cru which have respectively introduced contemporary heavy metal and a strange, haunted version of R&B into its DNA and I envision that within 12 months at most, the gap between the original form and that being forged by the new breed will have widened so significantly, a new genre entirely will have emerged requiring a change of nomenclature (not "nu-grime" which is critic Simon Reynolds's pejorative term for it. I still find it hard to believe such a harsh critic of retroism in music thinks grime in its original form should be untouchable, a status he denies every other genre of music, and dismisses artists like Yamaneko who are fed up of treading water and want to move forward. He's a fan of Skrillex too but I read somewhere that the GMC are going to declare such misplaced devotion a certifiable mental disorder so that sufferers receive humane treatment free on the NHS. Not that it costs much to trap someone's bollocks in a vice and tighten it up until they agree that all the dumb but essential music you could ever need lies within the grooves of AC/DC's "Powerage"). Blay Vision, a London MC and producer creates tunes that are very similar to the first instrumental grime cuts that emerged around 2013 (remember the war dubs?), but like numerous artists working in house, techno and non-electronic genres like doom metal, he's no water-treader but rather a refiner using new technology and alternative techniques to improve that classic sound largely created using chiptunes drawn from early gaming consoles. Those tracks were often very dense but Blay has exploited the dramatic effects that can be achieved with space to produce an album that sounds fresh and futuristic despite the familiarity of the sounds used in its construction. Like producers such as JT The Goon, Sirpixalot and Murlo, Blay has gone back to basics and made them sound anything but. You'll hear a lot of instrumental grime this year, from the far out to the tried and tested but I guarantee very little of it will be as thrilling as "The Vision". A magnificent monument to not fixing what ain't broke, just giving it a respray. Favorite track: Never Cared.
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Hailing from Tottenham, North London, Blay Vision is both an MC and a producer who has been building an arsenal of beats and vocals for years, the vast majority of which have yet to see the light of day, until now. Like a ninja who silently perfects his craft, Blay Vision has steadily been establishing his very own vision in the shadows.

“The Vision” LP on Lit City Trax is Blay Vision’s debut instrumental album, a collection of fifteen previously unreleased instrumental productions. “The Vision” is an opus to Blay Vision’s last few years. With a sequel to “The Vision” already finished and a vocal album heavily underway, Blay Vision is a force for the UK scene to reckon with.

Blay Vision started MCing during secondary school, soon realising that the best way to secure instrumentals to vocal was to build them himself which led him to download FL Studio where his obsession with production began. An avid gamer, his music draws heavy cues from the 8-bit chiptunes of vintage gaming consoles like Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, this is the biggest influence on his sound. His love for gaming music lead him to an interest in most things Japanese where the roots of gaming and most gaming music programmers reside. This record is Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracked by Zaytoven’s most suitable English counterpart.

A master of simplicity and an expert in space and balance, Blay Vision’s productions draw heavily from the classic grime sound palette; staccato strings, orchestral stabs, square wave leads and skippy hi-hats which he punctuates with hyper-tuned 808s that give his tracks a tough bounce that would make any listener screw their face up with excitement and amaze. Blay Vision is nothing like the rest.

Putting it simply “The Vision” is the first organised insight into Blay Vision’s cinematic compositions. Once and for all, it can be understood that Blay Vision is an artist ready to take things to a new level. Not limited to one tempo, tracks like “Gone Mad” would send any trap wild while “Never Cared” could easily be a ballad on a Drake album. An artist whose music has transcended any simple genre classifications, Blay Vision’s original styles continually take his sound to new territories.


released November 4, 2016

All tracks composed by Blay Vision
Mixed by Blay Vision
Mastered by J-Cush
Artwork by Bimmy



all rights reserved


Lit City Trax London, UK

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